Osvaldo Supino is one of the most awarded and recognized independent Italian artists abroad and holds the record as the only Italian nominated 3 times consecutively at the BT Digital Music Awards in the UK. Awards include 2 LAIFFA Los Angeles Awards, 2 Nickeclip Awards, 1 Mei Award, 1 Unicef Award, 1 Latino Chicago Award, 1 Renaissance Award, 1 Hispanic Celebrity Award. He received the recognition as “Orgoglio Pugliese nel Mondo” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. To date he is among only four Italian artists (along with Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Il Volo) to have been interviewed by CNN and the only Italian guest at the 2023 edition of the Lo Nuestro Awards in Miami.
In his career he has played in over 30 countries.

The key words of his project are versatility, deep emotions and absolute transparency. His 4 studio albums have been released in English and Spanish with songs also performed in Italian and German, produced by some of the most important musicians in the pop world. Among the collaborations: Tempo Stokes (already working for Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado), Scott Robinson (Demo Lovato, Christina Aguilera) and Ferras (Katy Perry). An international sound that can compete with the current hits in circulation but which finds its total uniqueness in a perfect mix with a proud and true Italian roots.

Osvaldo Supino is not only a songwriter and producer but also one of the references for the fight against bullying and cyberbullying, as well as an activist for human rights and the LGBTQ+ community. Viral several times also for his outfits and red carpet: he was the first man in history in 76 editions to wear a tuxedo skirt at the Venice Film Festival.

From VanityFair to GQ, from French Vogue to Page6, Osvaldo Supino conquers with his voice, his language, the accuracy of every detail of his projects, but above all with his charisma and his irresistible authenticity


“I’ve always wanted to sing. I don’t remember the precise moment I realized, I only know that music has always been part of my life for me. I started working my way up at a very young age, doing so many competitions including Castrocaro (one of the most important festivals for young artists), the San Marino Festival, Sanremo Giovani and many others. It was and is my passion, my way of feeling stronger in my fragility, protected, alive.”

2003 – 2009

2003 – 2009

One of Osvaldo’s demos got noticed by the group of producers Alfredo Cerruti, Dado Parisini, Marco Marati and Marco Salom with whom he signed his first recording contract. In 2007, due to managerial differences, he withdraws from the contract, opens his own web page and independently publishes the song Moving On. Due to the high number of accesses, his is the only official Italian site to rank at the BT Music Awards where he reaches the position 16 out of two hundred artists such as Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue and Nelly Furtado. In the same year he was nominated for the WWW Award of Il Sole24 ore. In 2008 he received his second nomination at the BT Digital Music Awards where he placed seventh. He publishes his first unreleased single titled Work That Body which quickly becomes one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, Current and Qoob. This single was followed by the publication of another one Fell For the Enemy. The video became the most viewed in history up to that point on the TgCom website. From Vanity Fair to Metro, from TG1 to Corriere Della Sera, he conquers the biggest Italians media spotlight for the innovative way of proposing his music on the web.

2003 – 2009


He releases the single and video of Get Sexy followed by an intense promo live tour in Italian squares and nightclubs.

Receives his third nomination at the BT Digital Music Awards. In November he released the single LOL. According to the media, the video clip od LOL shows  for the first time a gay kiss in an Italian production.  


He releases the single and video clip of Like This .

On October 29th he published the single When I think about sex. The videoclip wins the “Nickelclip Awards” in the Young category. The song written and produced by Charlie Mason, Richard Hymas and John Matthews anticipates the release on November 25th of his first EP titled Here I Am which collects five songs written and produced with 11 international authors including Mans Ek, Daniel Volpe, Thomas Lipp, Christian Rabb, Kristoffer Sjokvist and Frida Molander.


He releases Mannequinz, as last single from the EP Here I Am. The video clip is elected as one of the 25 best video clips of the year at the MEI award. 
He receives the 2012 PIVI award as a revelation artist. The single is one of the songs programmed by radio and new media in the independent artists category.

He is the first Italian artist in history to perform in London on the occasion of World Pride. 

He releases the remix album Here I Am: Golden & Remixed including the unreleased song entitled I’m A Man (Not A Piece Of Meat).  The song is included  in the compilation “Fuel for the machine” distributed in the United States.



He releases the single and video of  I Have A Name as anticipation of his official debut album Exposed. The song is included in the compilation The Beat Is Poptronik, which brings together the best independent artists in the world of electro pop music.

On May 7th he releases the album Exposed worked with nine international producers including: Charlie Mason, Daniel Volpe, Thomas Lipp, Daniel Silvestri and Sergio Vinci.

On July 18th he releases “Ma Radio” the second single and video from the album.

His Italian Tour kicks off. 

He is the face of the WOM campaign to fight HIV.


He releases Goodbye the third and last single and videoclip from Exposed album.
He releases the documentary for the TV show I dieci comandamenti about his life journey and music career.

After a break announced through an open letter, on May 27th he releases the single and video Livin’ Again.

The “Livin’ Again Tour” kick off from Comacchio (Italy) on June 1st and will visit various Italian regions, Germany, Austria, France and the city of New York. 
He receives the “Best Performer” Award from Unicef.

He’s the opening act at Patty Pravo and Gloria Gaynor concert in Comacchio (FE). 
He is chosen by the Pledge Anti-bully organization as testimonial against bullying and performs at the Pledge Anti-bully Festival in New York.

On November 18th the releases the single Stop The Rain which anticipates the release of the second album of unreleased songs Behind The Curtain.



His Behind The Curtain Tour kick off from Sitges (Spain) and will take him in concerts between Europe and America until the end of 2016.He publishes the video clip of the second single Stop The Rain followed by promotion in Italy. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day he releases a live version in partnership with YouTube Music of Peter Gabriel’s The Book Of Love.

He releases the third single and video Wet Dream from the album Behind The Curtain. The Behind The Curtain Tour starts from Sitges in June and will take him in concert between Europe and America until the end of 2016.

On September 15th the album Behind The Curtain was published and distributed in physical form on CD with the bonus track I Didn’t Mean It. On the occasion of the presentation to the press and signing copies he received recognition as an honorary citizen of Torremaggiore.


He perform for the first time in Miami as a guest of Miami Beach Pride together with Iggy Azalea and Jordin Sparks in front of 150,000 people. For the occasion he is a guest on the television program 6inTheMix on NBC.

He releases the video of Infinity fourth single of the album Behind The Curtain. 
He wins the LAIFFA Awards in Los Angeles in the Best Music Video category. 


He releases the single and video of Nothing Is The Same. The Spanish version Y Me Faltas Tù premieres on “Univision” in the United States in a long interview broadcast on “Primer Impacto” show.

On April 11th he releases his third album Resolution which received acclaim from important international publications including Miami Herald, Billboard and EQMusic. The album includes important collaborations with Tempo Stokes (producer of Jennifer Lopez), Trey Vittoe (Selena Gomez) Glenn Travis (Chris Brown) and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

On July 15th the Resolution Tour kick off from Munich (Germany) with concerts in Europe and America. 
On October 9th he releases the second single and video Fire. The song is also released in Spanish entitled Fuego.

He collaborates with Progetto Sorriso Charity program in the the Babbo Running project.

He totals more than 3 million of streams.


He releases the video of Marvin’s Room from the “Resolution” album.
He receives a second nomination at the AIFFA Awards in Los Angeles in the “Best Music Video” category with the song “Back Home”.

He releases Amati, the third single from the album Resolution and the first unreleased song in Italian. The single and video are also released in Spanish.

He is a guest of the 75th Venice Film Festival on the red carpet of the film “A Star is born” with Lady Gaga.


He releases the single and video How Do We Know co-written with Alexander Illberg. The song is also released on the same day in the Spanish Como Saber as anticipation of the new album. He releases Sparks, his fourth project written and produced together with Scott Robinson (producer among many of Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera). 
The album is also released in Spanish under the title Luces and premiere worldwide on the CNN. Osvaldo Supino, from that moment, is included into the very narrow circle of only 4 Italian artists interviewed by the television broadcaster together with Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Il Volo.

He wins the Non Violent Film Awards with the video of No es No.
He is the first man in history to tread the red carpet in Venice with a “Smoking Skirt” – His passage on the red carpet receives a big hype and excellent reviews from some of the most authoritative global magazines in the sector including French Vogue, Page Six and Vanity Fair.


He releases the album All Of the Sparks, a re-release of the album “Sparks” wich includes also his first single in German “Niemals geb ich dir mein Herz

Due to Covid-19, in the middle of the promotion on March 5th all remaining promotional tours in Mexico and Latin America is cancelled.

He wins the “Best Music Video” award at the Renaissance Awards in Amsterdam.

He collaborates in France with Caroline Loeb and Jean Paul Gaultier for the videoclip “C’est la Ouate”. 
He represent Italy at Global Pride, the largest LGBT event ever held in history including also Elton John, Melanie C, Rita Ora and Adam Lambert.

He is one of the most photographed and discussed characters of the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival for the long black dress worn on the red carpet.

He become the testimonial of the “Fondazione Progetto Itaca” campaign for mental health. 
The single Cold Again reaches number 5 in the LGBTQ charts in the UK.



He is the first Italian artist to pose for the cover of ADELANTE magazine in the United States.
He is also on the covers of AV Magazine in Spain, Revista G in Puerto Rico and OyeMe Magazine in Latin America.

He releases the single and video clip “Lights Down Low”, “Perder el Control” in Spanish. The song reaches number one on the global LGBTQ Chart. 

He is part “Claim Your Space” Spotify campaign.
He takes part to the red carpet of “Halloween Kills” at the Venice Film Festival with a non-gender dress in black sequins that becomes again viral on social media.
He receives the  recognition “Pugliese Excellence in the World” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Puglia Region.

He is “Best New International Artist” at the Hispanic Celebrities Awards in Miami.


He releases the single Body Burning which is premiered on a 72m2 billboard in Piazza San Babila in Milan. The song reaches number one on the LGBTQ Music Chart in the UK. 
He become a testimonial of the Arci Hope association in Cerignola founded for the defense of LGBTQ+ rights

He releases the single Gold, Lo Harè Por Mi in Spanish. The video clip in English is launched by MTV Germany as one of the best new international proposal.

He is part of the VEVO Pride Campaign 2022, and he’s the face of Salento Pride 2022. He receives the “Revelation Artist of the Year” Award at the Latinos Chicago Awards. 
He is invited by the IC Palmieri San Giovanni Bosco middle school to a meeting-debate with students against bullying, cyberbullying and homo-transphobia.

The “Unbreakable Tour European Tour” kickoff. 
He Receives an invitation from the Mexican Consulate in Italy to attend as a guest of honor at “Los Dias De Los Muertos” in Milan



On January 20th he releases the single  and video Stuck On This Feeling . He also releases the Spanish version “Atrapado”. On the same day as the release, an intense radio and TV promo tour starts in Florida involving the major Latin televisions and publications including MegaTv, HolaTv, and Univision.

On February 23rd he is the only Italian artist guest at the Lo Nuestro Awards in Miami

On February 26th he is on the cover of “Varietes” magazine in the United States. 

In June he releases the single Drip Drop and Kick off for the second leg of his “Unbreakable European Tour”.

On August 22nd he releases the new single and video It takes a fool to remain sane. 
He is a guest at the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

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